Firing Chizik is Only Half the Solution

I have seen countless rumors from different sites that claim that Gene Chizik should go ahead and clean out his office. It is pretty much old news to say Gene will coach his final game against Alabama. I am never one to say Auburn never has a shot because anything is possible, but it would take an act of God for Auburn to leave Tuscaloosa with a win. This one could get very ugly in a hurry.

So why can we not say the same about Jay Jacobs? The same sites are almost in unison that Jay Jacobs job appears to be safe for the time being. Maybe I missed something along the ride, but Auburn Athletics isn’t exactly turning heads with the “Big Three” sports.

When does Auburn drop the good ole boy network that has plagued the Auburn Athletic Department, even during the Tubberville era? The same network has turned away some pretty darn good coaches from coming to Auburn, because others tend to see the incompetency at hand.

President Gouge has been adamant in waiting until after the season to evaluate the program/coaches. He seems to be hinting to firing Chizik, and retaining Jay Jacobs. Not only will Jay Jacobs be coming back, but reports are stating he will have a big voice in the next hire. President Gouge is risking his on career with this move (if it deems to be true). Maybe President Gouge feels that even if the next hire didn’t work out, he would be retiring soon anyway.

One of the reasons Jay Jacobs hired Gene Chizik was hired was because he is known to be good friends with him. The hire itself was shadowed after the 2010 season and Jay looked like a genius. I think us fans really wanted to believe that Coach Gene Chizik was an elite coach. After this current season, the clouds are looming back over Auburn. Fans are upset about a team 2 years removed from a National Championship being run right into the ground with lack of player development and blowouts.

All eyes turn back to Jay Jacobs and why the hire was made. All eyes turn back to the “Buddy Buddy” system that Auburn has. The fact that Jay Jacobs and his worthless sidekick Tim Jackson are desperately lobbying support from former Dye players and Co. show me where the agenda is.

There is no possible way Jay Jacobs can look at himself in the mirror and think he has done a reasonable job at Auburn. He can claim that he has been in the black figures for so many years straight all day long if he wants to, but it is so much more than that. It is about putting winning products on the field. It is about hiring the right people to lead teams to bigger and better places, while doing it in a manner that is morally acceptable. Jay has proven he is incompetent in this category. If Jay is retained and allowed to have a say in the next hire we may be down the same path again in the near future.

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