Auburn Football: Early Spring Football Thoughts and Comments

Auburn just hosted their first real scrimmage on Saturday.  Here are some of my thoughts and comments after the first few practices and first scrimmage.

These coaches are the real deal. Everyone one of them is hard-nosed and wants to push each players to their limits. Rodney Garner is a man and will defiantly install a TOUGH defensive line.

JB Grimes is my second favorite coach on the staff, behind Coach Garner. Grimes is a man that knows the offensive line techniques and if the players are willing to learn, Auburn will have one of the best offensive lines in the country by the end of the season.

Both quarterbacks are learning. Offensive Coordinator and QB coach Rhett Lashee is pushing them harder than I’ve ever seen someone pushed. Wallace and Frazier are both learning and learning fast.  The good thing about Coach Malzahn’s offense is when the ball is snapped the QB knows where it is going.

C.J. Uzomah is a beast. He not only blocks but he is also playing a lot of TE/WR hybrid. Other big time WR’s from this spring are Ricardo Louis and Jaylon Denson. Both these guys will see the field a lot and will make some big time plays for Auburn this year.

The defense is being led by Justin Garret. The man is a tackling machine. He is playing the “star” position which is the hybrid safety/linebacker in Ellis Johnson’s defense.

There is a lot of hype about the Auburn defensive backfield. Coach Melvin Smith and Coach Charlie Harbison have put some confidence back in these guys; both young and old guys are stepping up and really putting together a good spring.

Overall, it’s been an up and down spring. The coaches are taking these players mentally and physically father than they’ve ever been before. By the time August 31st comes around it will all be worth it.

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