Update on RB Jovon Robinson


As you have heard by now, Freshman RB Jovon Robinson is not practicing with the team as of last Thursday night, August 9. He was at the Auburn Football Fan Day at Auburn Arena today, signing autographs but there is nothing stating he cannot do such an activity. There is a lot of smoke and back channel talk which leads to a lot of opinion forming in matters like these. Here are some things I can tell you with certainty:

Robinson’s transcript from Wooddale High School in Memphis, TN is under review by the NCAA. The guidance counselor which allegedly changed and falsified his transcript resigned her position as of Friday morning, August 10. The compliance office has been ahead of this situation, however they have been awaiting the phone call they received on Thursday evening from the NCAA that requires Robinson to sit out. Beforehand, there was no word from the NCAA therefore he was allowed to practice and participate. There are many forms of punishment in this situation that could or could not take place. If the NCAA links Auburn or a booster associated with Auburn, to directly forcing the falsified transcript, then we can be hit with sanctions. According to the same sources, the Auburn staff nor the administration feels we have anything to fear here. Secondly, if the NCAA has to find out and PROVE whether Jovon knew his transcript was in fact falsified. If he knew then he will not be allowed to play for Auburn and will be forced to transfer, however if he did not he will be red shirted and sit this season out in order to get his grades up to date with the NCAA. Robinson is believe to be on the road to being red shirted despite any of these troubles, the reason being we are fine at the running back position.

According to sources a man named Roy Adams, a “rogue” University of Tennessee booster, is the source that led the NCAA to reevaluate the transcript of Robinson. If you remember, Adams had a hand in turning Alabama into the NCAA back in 2000. Adams went onto a message board Wednesday under the name “tennstud” and began bragging about an NCAA investigation of Auburn and the recruitment of Jovon. From what I understand, he knew of the transcript being falsified and felt bitter over Jovon committing and signing with Auburn since Jovon is from Tennessee. He then turned Jovon in to the NCAA and there were rumors of this throughout the summer which led the compliance office at Auburn to know something might be wrong. Keep in mind the NCAA Clearinghouse, the SEC, and Auburn University all reviewed the transcript as usual for any student athlete and they found no abnormalities to the transcript. Then again, why would they because false grades were recorded and these institutions had nothing to look at but the official transcript sent to them by Wooddale High School.

There will definitely be a lot of mudslinging and opinions thrown around as we know all too well from the past experiences. Do not believe every single thing you read and here, ESPECIALLY if it comes from “anti-Auburn” avenues such as The Paul Slimebaum Show, The New York Times, Thayer Evans, etc. The usual hack jobs that allow their titles to make them believe that their word is law and their opinion means more than fact. Just sit back and allow this situation to pan  out. KEEP IN MIND, why would the coaching staff or even a rogue booster risk all for a four star running back? It is not as though Robinson will change the entire culture of Auburn Football. Will he be a good RB for Auburn in the future, yes I believe so, but why would this be the one guy that Auburn used “illegal” means in order to get him to Auburn. That just does not add up. Add in the fact that Alabama is having their own issues with Ralph Cindrich as well as the transfer of DT Darius Paige from Pensacola to Foley, AL. Auburn is set to have a big year in recruiting for the 2013 year which has been Chizik’s plan since he arrived four years ago. Let this all play out and Auburn will come out on top. Until next time, I believe in Auburn and love it…….