Sloppy But Successful: Auburn vs Kansas State Review

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Sep 18, 2014; Manhattan, KS, USA; Auburn Tigers defensive back Johnathan Ford (23) breaks up a pass intended for Kansas State Wildcats wide receiver Tyler Lockett (16) during the Tigers

4. Secondary

To start the game, penalties killed Auburn’s defensive production. Penalties keep the defense on the field and allowed the offense to continue to work. Tigers fans need to thank both Jonathan Jones and Trovon Reed for their awareness in the game, but that does not answer for missed assignments.

The entire game, Auburn’s secondary worked to immobilize Jake Waters (and was relatively successful). Kansas State’s offensive line would keep a pocket for Waters and often receivers would extend their routes. The Auburn secondary failed to follow this and paid ultimately in the end. Extended drives followed and allowed Curry Sexton to have a big night for K-State. He had 121 yards of the Wildcats’ 245 yards receiving.

It is important to follow these receivers the whole route. By giving up on a play, Auburn will have problems keeping teams from scoring. Like in the Texas A&M game last year, the backyard football approach seems to pick Auburn apart. It really does not make any sense. Auburn should be one of the most well conditioned teams in the SEC. Especially if your unit practices against Nick Marshall and company. Yet, Thursday it didn’t appear so.

To repeat myself, I am extremely proud of Trovon Reed. He has really stepped up and did what was best for the team. In case you did not know, he was a receiver last year.

I see the secondary cleaning up and focusing on man coverage in the coming weeks.