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There has been a lot of chatter this week concerning Will Muschamp and where he will be coaching in 2015. Over the last few days, word has led us to believe that Auburn is the most likely destination for the recently fired Florida head coach, and he is considered to be the front-runner to replace Ellis Johnson as the defensive coordinator for the Tigers.

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However, in addition to potential offers from Texas A&M, rumored interest from the NFL, and maybe even a shot to be a head coach again, rumors are heating up that Muschamp could be headed to South Carolina, potentially to become the head coach in waiting for the Gamecocks.

This isn’t new speculation, I mentioned it as a possibility a couple of weeks ago when Muschamp was first fired. At the time, Muschamp returning to the Plains looked like a long shot. Since, it’s become much more conceivable.

But a few local outlets say Muschamp to Columbia is a “done deal.”

"A Source has confirmed that Will Muschamp will be South Carolina’s new Defensive Coordinator. Sealing the deal is the opportunity to be South Carolina’s Head Coach when Spurrier retires. Muschamp plans to bring several of his defensive coaches from Florida.Muschamp’s estimated salary will be $1.6 – $1.9 million.Muschamp chose SC over Auburn."

Despite that report, nothing is final, but everything is still wide open.

That’s why it is important to rely on quality sources. I trust Scott Roussel and his team at FootballScoop.com, who gave the following update minutes ago:

"Will Muschamp: In response to a number of local reports that Will is close to signing an agreement at South Carolina, sources close to the situation tell us that is not accurate. We understand that Will is on vacation and won’t be making any decisions until he returns next week. To be clear, not saying that he might not ultimately make the decision that South Carolina is where he wants to be; but am told he will not be signing anything imminently (today or this weekend as has been reported)."

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier denies the rumors that Muschamp will soon join the Gamecocks, which is expected.

“No, I haven’t hired Will,” Spurrier said today. “I haven’t really talked to anybody about additions (to staff).”

“All our coaches are out recruiting. All of our coaches are under contract,” he continued. “Some of them may get a job somewhere else, you never know, and we’ll go from there. We are probably pretty flexible right now a little bit on the staff, but I believe that almost all of our guys will be back.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Spurrier would be interested in bringing Coach Boom to Columbia. As we mentioned before, the two have become very friendly over the past few years.

In my personal opinion, South Carolina is now the biggest threat to Auburn for Muschamp’s services.

Essentially, Muschamp is taking his time and trying to make the decision that is best for him, his family, and his future. Time will tell which of his many options fits that description.

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