Auburn football: Best gameday tradition? Experience different for every Tiger fan

One of the greatest traditions in sports: Auburn's eagle, Spirit, takes flight before the Alabama State game. (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)
One of the greatest traditions in sports: Auburn's eagle, Spirit, takes flight before the Alabama State game. (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images) /

Tiger Walk, Toomer’s Corner, the eagle flight. All three of these traditions are regarded among the best in college football and each one of them is unique to Auburn football

Tradition is deeply rooted in the heart of Auburn and plays a key role in every gameday.

Picture it: every Auburn football Saturday as told by an alumni.

You wake up early morning, immediately get ready, and throw on your best orange and blue. With your best friends or family in tow, you head to your tailgating spot. While tailgating you stuff your face with hors d’oeuvres and watch everyone on College Gameday pick against Auburn. Having this good karma on your side you make it just in time to the Tiger Walk which then ends in a mass exodus of thousands entering Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Finally getting to the stadium is when every emotion takes over. Pregame hype videos will prepare you to run through a wall, the eagle flight will give you chills, and the band will make you cry. Once the team takes the field your mood will become dependent on the performance of the team. Example moods: Auburn vs Alabama 2013, great mood. Auburn vs Texas A&M 2014, bad mood.

If Auburn wins: go to Toomer’s Corner, get food, Sky Bar (or other post-game celebratory option), sleep?

Must Read. The reasons Auburn will beat LSU on Saturday. light

If Auburn loses: cry, question your emotional investment in sports, eat sadly, Sky Bar (or other post-game safe sad space), sleep?

So my Auburn Saturday features every major Auburn tradition but probably is different than yours. Some fans do Saturday differently, so to see all sides of gameday I took to the internet.

I’m not even going to lie: The band video is one of the only things that gave me enough strength to wake up on Saturdays in 2012.


James Spann just compared Jordan-Hare to an oven? Cool. Hey Barning Hard, is it hot outside?


A unique tradition shared by many but not for the faint of heart.

I am forever depressed that I graduated before I could participate in this.

Storm the field at your own risk, the hedges have THORNS.

Does your vendor cut you a deal?

I use my nervous energy to light every candle in my house and panic.


If you haven’t seen the video where Stephen Fry attends an Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare then finish reading this and go watch it!

I can’t just choose one either 🙁

Shivers following in footsteps of great smaller Auburn RBs. dark. Next

We are so lucky as fans to call a place so rich in tradition our home. If you’ve experienced Auburn then you’ve felt it. On a fall Saturday in Auburn, fans will come together as one to root for complete and total destruction of the opponent.

When it’s all said and done, Auburn football fans will return home taking a piece of Auburn with them.