Auburn FanSided: Let’s talk hoops and much more

For the last year or so I’ve been writing Auburn basketball content for Southeast Hoops and Power of Dixieland. Both were great opportunities, but now I’m planning to take my basketball coverage to the next level at FanSided.

Fly War Eagle, Auburn’s FanSided page, is an outlet dedicated to covering Auburn sports from a fan’s perspective. I hope to expand my coverage while I’m here to get more football, baseball, softball coverage and everything else, but I want to put an emphasis on basketball coverage.

Not only because that’s where my expertise resides, but because Auburn basketball is becoming such a big deal that fans of the program deserve a basketball-first approach to Auburn sporting news.

For those of you unfamiliar with me and my content, just know that I love Auburn basketball and I’m not afraid to pump some sunshine about it.

I also work in sports-media in the Atlanta Metro, and I take pride in being able to provide a unique insight into Auburn basketball recruiting.

That has always been my niche, and I hope my coverages improves as I move even closer to the action.

That being said, I hope to bring Auburn fans in-depth coverage of players, opponents and recruits. Including film breakdowns of recruits, opinions of fans from opposing teams, Auburn updates from around the sports-media world and more.

With the help of Auburn fans, I hope we can create something meaningful and useful to all of us.

As always, feel free to reach out to me via direct message on twitter (@aubawn or @flywareagle) or anyway you see fit. Let’s get this dub, War Eagle!

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