Basketball recruiting provides bright spot for Auburn fans

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Public health concerns over the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) caused multiple sporting events, leagues and seasons to shut down. However, the players Auburn basketball is still recruiting for its 2020 class could provide a bright spot for fans in the coming weeks and months.

Auburn fans won’t get to see their team get a shot at back-to-back SEC tournament championships or Final Fours, the NBA is postponed, college baseball seems to be all but canceled, but Auburn is still being considered by multiple top 10 basketball recruits and a commitment could be coming soon … even if it’s not to Auburn.

The NCAA has advised schools to cancel all visits on campus or in-person with a recruiting dead period in place until at least April 15. But with telephone and written correspondence still allowed, recruits can still make commitments and recruiting news will likely continue to flow.

Recruits like Jalen Green (a top three guard), Greg Brown (a top 10 forward), Jonathan Kuminga (the No. 1 recruit in 2021 who could reclassify to 2020) and Cliff Omoruyi (a top 50 center) are all considering Auburn and most are expected to commit this spring or summer.

Add the big name recruits to the fact that recruiting news could become more relevant with the lack of sporting events going on, and Auburn fans might have something to invest some of their newly found free time into.

Brown is the top 10 prospect who recently announced (via Snapchat) that a decision is coming soon. He is considering Kentucky, Michigan, Auburn and Memphis.

Green is another Auburn prospect who could be committing soon. Green said his commitment date would come after his senior season ended. His senior season has ended, and most were expecting Green to commit before, during or after the McDonald’s All American game.

With the All American game canceled, Green being rumored to be considering overseas and the recent public health concerns, Green could be a prospect who ends up taking his time when it comes to making a decision. Green has never released an official list, but he is believed to be considering Auburn, Memphis and overseas as his most serious options.

Omoruyi has a set commitment date of March 29, but he set that date March 13. Whether he still plans on committing on that date is unknown by me. Omoruyi is considering Rutgers, Auburn and Arizona State.

Kuminga hasn’t officially reclassified yet, although his skill level and apparent desire to play professional basketball makes it seem like he will. With the AAU season being postponed at least two weeks, we’ll have to wait for more news to come out concerning Kuminga’s plans. Auburn was reported to be in the mix not long ago and has been mentioned as a landing spot for Kuminga throughout his recruitment, after being one of the first schools to offer him.

No matter how it shakes out, Auburn fans looking for sports in the coming weeks have plenty of basketball recruiting to keep up with.