Auburn football: 5 home-and-home matchups i’d love to see

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The Auburn Tigers cheerleaders and mascot Aubie (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

Auburn already has some pretty exciting non-conference games planned for the future but what are some other options?

If there’s one thing Auburn football is good at, it’s not making things too easy for themselves. On top of already being a part of arguably the toughest division in all of college football, the Tigers have scheduled some of the toughest non-conference opponents.

In the last five seasons alone, the Tigers have matched up against teams such as Oregon, Washington, Clemson and Louisville while they have a tough game against UNC in week two of this season.

These games are scheduled years in advance and Auburn has already scheduled non-conference games against Penn State (2021 and 2022), Cal (2023 and 2024), Baylor (2025 and 2026) and UCLA (2027 and 2028).

Whether it’s a home-and-home series or just a one-game, neutral-site matchup, these games would a lot of excitement to the program and as they say, “iron sharpens iron.” There’s no better to gauge the talent of your team than to match them up with another top program and these potential matchups could generate a lot of buzz in the future.

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