Auburn Baseball: Team Orange wins Fall World series

The Auburn baseball team has concluded its Fall World series, with the orange team picking up the victory over team blue.

You’re my boy blue…but you lost. The superior team in the Auburn baseball intrasquad Fall World series was team orange, with the series concluding Thursday night at Plainsmen Park.

The orange team took a commanding 2-0 lead in the annual fall classic, but blue stormed back, winning the last two games to force a deciding fifth game. Bryson Ware got the action started with a first frame home-run, but Judd Ward evened it up for the orange with a two-out RBI in the bottom of the fifth.

Unfortunately, the game ended in one of the least climactic ways possible: Hawkin Roley was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded to end the game.

It’s never great when a player’s mistake is more of the reason for a victory than someone else’s triumph. No one wants to see a kicker miss wide on the game-winning field goal or miss the game-winning free throws (unless it’s Bama of course).

Regardless, the orange team was able to pick up the victory on the strength of a dominant pitching performance from Jack Owen:

Now that the exhibition schedule has concluded, the Auburn Tigers baseball team can focus on the true enemy: the rest of the SEC.

One day soon, Plainsmen Park will be filled with passionate Tigers fans again, and the blue and orange teams will be one.

The War Eagle very much looks forward to that future.