Auburn football: Fans overjoyed by the Bryan Harsin HC hire

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports /

Auburn football fans absolutely love their new locker room leader Bryan Harson, who was introduced as the new head coach at Thursday’s introductory press conference.

War Damn Eagle are three words–when uttered in succession–that mark an Auburnian. By that logic, new Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin initiated himself nicely to the community when he proudly stated the Tigers war cry during his introductory presser.

Harsin has never played in a conference like the SEC. While the Mountain West has produced its fair share of ranked teams throughout the years, with Boise State and San Jose State being top 25 teams as recently as this season, the SEC is a new weight class entirely.

That said, it doesn’t sound like Harsin is backing down from any of the new challenges he will face as head coach of a program that expects greatness each and every season. He wants a championship, Iron Bowl wins, and everything in between.

With such a bold and previously successful new man in the head coaching post, fans have responded positively after experiencing a coach in Gus Malzahn that couldn’t seem to say the right things at the end of his Auburn football tenure:

Some fans were…really excited about Harsin’s impressive presser:

Ultimately though, Harsin was able to inspire confidence through the energy he exuded when asked about the Iron Bowl:

Coach Harsin has a nice ring to it, especially when he seems intent on continuing Malzahn’s tradition of valiantly fighting the Tide year in and year out. The Plains needs a coach with big dreams, and Harsin’s include being at the top of the college football world, not being 6-4.

To that, I say:

War Eagle.

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