Auburn football: DVV ponders Kevin Steele as LSU option

Auburn football in Oxford, Miss., on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Auburn defeated Ole Miss 31-16.
Auburn football in Oxford, Miss., on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Auburn defeated Ole Miss 31-16. /

After a pitiful performance both on and off the field for Auburn football this past year, Kevin Steele’s name was floated as an option in Baton Rogue by Death Valley Voice.

I wouldn’t wish Kevin Steele on my enemy. Fly War Eagle feels bad for Death Valley Voice for even having the thought of adding Steele to the LSU coaching staff. Auburn football learned the hard way what that entails.

Backstabbing. Potential coups. Blowouts in bowl games.

That’s the Steele experience, and why Auburn’s faithful decided to #StopSteele from stealing the head coach position.

Death Valley Voice’s Zach Regan floated the idea of Steele in Baton Rouge, and my heart sank for the great state of Louisiana. After all, LSU has felt heartbreak from the disgraced former Auburn offensive coordinator before:

"Steele served as LSU’s defensive coordinator in 2015, before leaving for the same position at Auburn. Anytime a coach leaves for a lateral move after just one season it’s usually a red flag.Is that the case with Steele?Maybe. It’s complicated.Steele left LSU for more money and job security at Auburn. He reportedly wasn’t happy with former LSU athletic director Joe Alleva and his support for then-head coach Les Miles.From The Shreveport Times:About $400,000 more in yearly salary, a long-term contract, virtual absolution of a $625,000 buyout owed to LSU, a better retirement and the Joe Alleva Factor are five reasons why defensive coordinator Kevin Steele is now Auburn’s defensive coordinator after one season at LSU.Those are certainly valid reasons to leave. I get it."

They might have been valid at the time, but given what we now know about Steele, he may have known that usurping Les Miles wasn’t possible at that time given what he had accomplished with the program.

Call me a skeptic, but I won’t soon forgive the man for having a hand in causing so much turmoil during what was already going to be a difficult year.

DVV, be careful about the energy you just put out into the universe.

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