3 coaches Harsin should–and 3 he shouldn’t–consider for Auburn football staff

Auburn football (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Auburn football (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /
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The Auburn football head coaching search ended with a home run, but things could continue to go this way if Bryan Harsin considers these 3 coaches…and avoids these other 3.

The Auburn football coaching search has been a fun one so far. Bryan Harsin is a winner from the Mountain West Conference (in which we now cheer for Boise State) and has brought a refreshing energy to the Plains.

Tweeting a picture of Jordan-Hare Stadium from the Athletics facility parking lot is a past-time for me personally, so seeing Bryan Harsin have that same appreciation for the epic videoboard he will now be eliciting cheers from (and that plays easily the best hype videos in sports, @me) confirms my belief that he is a genius hire:

Just yesterday, Harsin added one of his former coaches from the Boise State Bronco days, in Jeff Pitman to mark the first hire of the Harsin era:

As I put it yesterday:

"The Plains predicts Pitman will help the already freakish athletes donning the orange and blue every Saturday get stronger, although, like last year, it will be a strange offseason…unless the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is as smooth as we all hope it will be…"

Welcome to Auburn Mr. Pitman!

Anyway, there are still essential positions to fill on Harsin’s staff, including both the offensive and defensive coordinator roles, among others.

Here are 3 candidates Auburn football should consider…and 3 they shouldn’t: