What will starting 5 look like with Sharife Cooper back?

Sharife Cooper (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Sharife Cooper (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Auburn’s most promising recruit and potential next NBA draft pick Sharife Cooper has returned to the starting lineup. What does that mean for his fellow Tigers?

Sharife Cooper has been granted eligibility by the NCAA.

Let that breath out Auburn fans. You’re awake and coherent, and reading Fly War Eagle.

It’s a reality.

2020 was just one of those years. You know, when the entire planet is told to stay home because of a ridiculously infectious viral virus that attacks the nation’s most vulnerable cannot be stopped by any means.

For the Tigers of Auburn, and the poor people of the Plains, it also meant not even fully enjoying one of the few distractions from the real world: meaningful college hoops at the Auburn Arena.

It’s not that the games without Cooper have been without purpose. Justin Powell’s star performances as an out-of-position stand-in, Allen Flanigan’s Isaac Okoro-Esque performances, JT Thor and Jaylin Williams’ collective ascension in the frontcourt, and Jamal Johnson’s upperclassman leadership all aided in keeping the Plains entertained during a sad and confusing time in our country’s existence.

But now, without a postseason to play for, Tigers fans can take solace in knowing that there is something greater to cheer for: a team with a dangerously large chip on its shoulder.

Cooper has had 11 games of his college career taken from him, and today, he gets his revenge.

Against Alabama. Life is funny in that way. Or ESPN and the NCAA know how to build up a rivalry game.

Either way, today Cooper is in uniform. What will the starting five look like?

Well, today, Cooper will bump Jamal Johnson to the bench. With Justin Powell out still with a concussion, Devan Cambridge will get the start alongside Cooper in the backcourt. Flanigan, Williams and Thor will round out the starting five.

Sharife Cooper is back, and win or lose, 2021 is already shaping up to be a better year for #WarEagle than the last.

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