Auburn football: 3 reasons to bet on Alabama tonight

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Auburn football fans need not bet against inevitability tonight, with the Alabama Crimson Tide set to be a team of destiny.

In the build-up to the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship game, ESPN has marketed this season as one that history will “never forget”. Auburn football fans probably wish that wasn’t the case, and most people likely already want to scrub the year 2020 from their memory.

But the reality is, ESPN is right. This has been an unforgettable season in every way imaginable. Ohio State-Alabama is a worthy championship game, with Justin Fields intrigue likely to grow or dissipate depending on the results of Monday night’s game.

For Mac Jones, his legacy is already sealed. While Bo Nix’s “game manager” comments won’t be forgotten around these parts–nor will Jones’ 302 passing yards and five touchdowns in the Iron Bowl be–Jones’ Heisman-contending season will only reside in the shadow of DeVonta Smith’s Heisman-winning one.

Don’t forget that Najee Harris was the fifth man in consideration for the award behind Kyle Trask and Trevor Lawrence. Alabama had three of the best five players in the country, according to the Heisman selection committee.

So, as much as it hurts to say, there’s no reason to bet against Alabama tonight.

Here are 3 reasons you should actually bet on the Crimson Tide in the National Championship game:

1. A sixth National Championship is inevitable for Nick Saban

Since he took the helm in 2009, Nick Saban has become one of the most prominent figures in sports. On a pantheon with LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods, in terms of coverage at the very least, Saban has been painted as a god on the gridiron.

As inevitable as Thanos’ snap, Saban will win a sixth title. Since Trevor Lawrence isn’t walking through that door, expect the Tide to turn in favor of Bama.

2. A seven-win team from the B1G 10 doesn’t feel right as champions

No offense to Ohio State, as they were not the ones that made their B1G 10 schedule, but the Buckeyes winning the National Championship with eight wins wouldn’t feel as though we crowned the rightful champions of the 2020 season.

With cardboard cutouts and piped-in crowd noise, watching footage of their title-winning season would be a sad sight. Perhaps the B1G 10 knocking off Auburn football on New Year’s Day in the Citrus Bowl factors in too–Northwestern didn’t take it easy on the Tigers at Camping World Stadium.

Either way, OSU winning wouldn’t feel right…even if Alabama winning would just feel crappy.

3. You can financially hedge your emotions with an Alabama bet

With all of this said, it still hurts that the Roll Tide-War Eagle rivalry is more than likely going to grow even more lopsided tonight.

The best way to embrace what should be the first national championship of the post-COVID era of our history for the bad guys is financially gaining from the enemy’s successes. The Alabama Moneyline seems like a sure-thing.

I will eat those words on a piece of paper if the Tide doesn’t cover.

Good luck to both teams. Fly War Eagle primarily prays for the health and safety of the players, staff, and everyone involved in tonight’s National Championship game.

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