Auburn football rumors: Is Big Kat Bryant coming back?

Auburn footballMandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn footballMandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

Yesterday, we reported that Big Kat Bryant deleted his Twitter announcement committing to the University of Tennessee. Today, in more social media shenanigans, Big Kat may have just announced his return to Auburn football:

After declaring his plans to attend Tennessee and play under his former high school coach Shelton Felton and former Auburn football coach Kevin Steele, it seems Big Kat may be backtracking.

And who can really blame him for wanting to get out of the mess on Rocky Top right now? With Shelton Felton no longer on the coaching staff and many questions left unanswered in terms of consequences from the NCAA, it’s not too surprising Big Kat would want out.

If the reasons for Big Kat’s commitment to Tennessee are no longer there, why should the grad transfer stay? Amid the recent trouble, Big Kat is just one of many on mass exodus from Knoxville, but it’s unclear yet whether or not he has truly returned to the Plains.

With former Auburn football HC Gus Malzahn’s name floating around in the list of potential head coaches for the Volunteers, Big Kat could still find a reason to stay at Tennessee, even if Kevin Steele as acting head coach wasn’t reason enough.

Bryant originally signed with Auburn in 2017, and as a senior team captain in 2020, he finished with 17 tackles, three sacks, and one interception. He was a four star prospect out of high school from Georgia.

While some fans seem to be unhappy with the prospect of Big Kat returning to Auburn football, Fly War Eagle will defend his decisions similarly to those of Christian Tutt. Big Kat made it clear he was going to Tennessee to reunite with his high school coach, and now that it’s off the table he may find his home is still on the Plains.

FWE thinks Big Kat’s Instagram post is telling.

If there’s fire to this smoke, Auburn football will have back a potential future NFL draft pick.

Let’s hope we see Big Kat in the orange and blue this fall, and let’s remember how much of an impact this guy could have for our team.

At the end of the day, he’s an Auburn man, so let’s believe in him.

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