Auburn football: Fans react to National Signing Day

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National Signing Day 2021 has come and gone for Auburn football, and many fans are unhappy with the end results. The Tigers signed six players, but the recruiting class of 2021 is far from complete.

Head Coach Bryan Harsin has harped on his belief that recruiting never ends, but at this rate, we’re just hoping we’ll end up with a full roster sooner than later. He started with a disadvantage–being hired late in the process with only six players signed in December.

Moving up to the 30th spot in national recruiting class rankings didn’t do the trick for some fans, who took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the day:

However, some fans think Auburn’s recruiting has been inhibited by the restrictions of COVID-19 and not having the ability to show potential recruits the campus in person–not to mention all of the other variables that come into play when dealing with a worldwide pandemic.

Coach Harsin said in a press conference on National Signing Day that he expects two more players to join the team in the next few days. Until then, it seems Auburn football is taking on a new recruiting strategy:

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, apparently, as we eagerly await the next recruiting announcement.

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