Auburn football: SI Fan Nation links K.J. Britt to Giants and Bears

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports /

Giants, Tiger, and Bears. That’s the modified version of The Wizard of Oz line that couldn’t be true to the original because Sports Illustrated’s dedicated Detriot Lions site hasn’t had an interest in Auburn football’s K.J. Britt like the Giants and Bears websites have. And I suppose it would need to be multiple Tigers if we’re talking semantics.

But we’re not talking semantics. We’re talking about the 2021 NFL Draft.

Professional football fans of the Plains that want to see the next steps in the careers of Auburn football alumni have hopes of seeing several names selected in this year’s draft. One such name is the aforementioned Britt, who figures to be a possible day-three selection.

At such a late point in the draft, it’s usually a matter of specific need. For the New York Giants, Britt could possibly make a perfect punishing pair in Big Blue:

"The Giants are thought to be in search of a solid complement to line up next to Blake Martinez. So what does Auburn’s KJ Britt have to offer in that regard?"

As SI Fan Nation’s Nick Falato points out, his ability to read blocking screens and get to the point of tackle are strong suits. Falato was a bit tougher on his athletic ability, however:

"He has slow feet, is stiff in space, doesn’t move well laterally, and his speed is adequate at best."

Britt could give the New York Giants Mark Herzlich-type production as an old-school bruiser.

Or he could go to a franchise known for its legendary linebackers in Chicago. Of course, the Bears were defined by the eras of Dick Butkus and Brian Urlacher as the leaders of famously fierce defenses.

These days, Khalil Mack carries the torch as one of the meanest men in the middle leaguewide for Chi-Town. Britt could be his ILB counterpart in spurts (many don’t see him as a three-down back).

As SI Fan Nation’s Gene Chamberlain points out, inside linebacker is a current position of weakness in the Windy City:

"The failure of Joel Iyiegbuniwe and Josh Woods to step up put the Bears in jeopardy last year when they needed to rely on linebacker depth and looking at the draft this year could be a way to sufficiently pad out the roster in 2021."

Britt’s elite run-stopping, as Chamberlain points out, is what makes him such an attractive addition for the late stages of the draft.

Opportunities are out there for Britt and on May 1st–with the slightest possibility that his name is called on April 30th–the former Auburn football “thumper” could realize his NFL dream with two franchises with greater linebacker legacies than any other pro football organization.

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