Auburn football: Boston Globe low on Cam Newton-Patriots signing

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Don’t count the Boston Globe among those excited by Auburn football legend Cam Newton signing an incentive-laden one-year deal to return to the New England Patriots for the 2021 season. You could definitely count them amongst those who don’t want to see the Tiger great get the chance to redeem himself after a down-year in 2020.

In a recent pros and cons piece, Ben Volin gave speculative pros that were met with skeptical cons regarding the Newton-New England union.

While talking about the Patriots’ need for continuity, a quarterback, and a free agent recruiter, Volin was low on Newton across the board.

Here are some of the sharpest criticisms, per the Boston Globe:

"I can’t imagine that any of the top receivers in free agency saw Newton’s 2020 tape and said to themselves, “That’s my quarterback!” The Patriots will still have to overpay for any of the top guys.Newton didn’t make many plays in the clutch.If Newton did sign for short money, it’s because no one else really wanted him."

To be fair to Volin, there were some harsh stats that paint Newton’s 2020 campaign in a rough light:

"Newton’s numbers don’t look quite as good on a per-pass basis. He threw the eighth-highest percentage of interceptions (2.7 percent of pass attempts) and had the sixth-highest sack percentage (7.8).The Patriots were tied for 29th in completions of 20-plus yards. They were 29th on third and long (7 yards or more). And they had the fewest “quick strike” touchdowns in the NFL, with one touchdown drive in fewer than four plays all season.The Patriots entered December at 6-6 and squarely in playoff contention, yet Newton and the offense were noncompetitive in key games down the stretch."

Newton does need to build trust in New England. The Boston market (not that one) could be a tough place to play, but it is also a place that treats its legends as well…so long as you don’t defect to a rival like Johnny Damon or Ray Allen.

The Auburn football legend has a chance to make the Boston Globe have to thaw out its future freezing take if he can return to the form he exhibited in 2015 with the Carolina Panthers, where he led the franchise to a Super Bowl appearance and won an MVP.

Good luck, and War Eagle to the New England Patriots, who once again possess two former Tigers under center!

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