Auburn football: NFL reactions to Seth Williams-Denver Broncos draft pick

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Just when it was beginning to seem like Auburn football would cap off the 2021 NFL Draft at three players, Seth Williams was selected in the 6th round as the 219th pick by the Denver Broncos. Williams joins Anthony Schwartz, K.J. Britt, and Jamien Sherwood as 2021 draftees of the Auburn football team.

Widely considered to be a late-in-the-draft steal, Williams will trade in his Tigers’ uniform for new shades of orange and blue when he leaves the Plains for Denver, Colorado. At the conclusion of the 2020 season, Williams hauled in 47 catches for a whopping 760 yards and four touchdowns.

He marks the fourth Auburn player to be drafted after Anthony Schwartz went in the third round to the Cleveland Browns, Jamien Sherwood went in the fifth round to the New York Jets, and K.J.  Britt also went in the fifth round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jordyn Peters and Eli Stove were then signed as undrafted free agents to the Jets and Chargers respectively, leaving Christian Tutt as the only Auburn football player left without a team after the draft festivities.

Williams is excited, and so is the rest of the NFL with players, coaches, and reporters chiming in to praise the Broncos for their grab:

Seth Williams will have the opportunity to show all 32 NFL franchises that he was worthy of being selected higher than the penultimate round of the draft.

Fly War Eagle wishes Mr. Williams luck in the big leagues and hopes that prophecy is fulfilled in 2021 and beyond!

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