Auburn football: CFB fans trash BGB’s #10 QB coach ranking for Mike Bobo

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /

Big Game Boomer usually makes Auburn football fans happy with his rankings, and he did so once again when he ranked college football’s best QB coaches.

While the Tigers don’t have someone assigned specifically as a QB coach, Mike Bobo wears that hat along with his other responsibilities as the offensive coordinator.

BGB listed Bobo as the #10 QB coach in the nation, and needless to say, non-Auburn football fans were not happy.

The mob was lined up with pitchforks in hand after the rankings were released this morning:

Interestingly enough, former Auburn football QB coach under Gus Malzahn, Rhett Lashlee, sits right above Bobo on the list. Now with Miami, Lashlee is entering his second year as the offensive coordinator of the Hurricanes.

While many fans may not agree with the rankings, it’s important to remember that BGB never claims objectivity. Simply put, the allure of the Plains has earned Auburn football some slack in his rankings (which fortunately tend to have a visible bias against Alabama) and you will tend to see a higher ranking for Tigers than one would expect.

Bobo’s South Carolina Gamecocks were not particularly potent on the offensive end in 2020, with their yards per game total being 9th in the conference ahead of Tennessee, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. His QBs threw more interceptions than they did touchdowns last season.

That said, Bo Nix and TJ Finley represent more talent than Bobo has ever had at the position. Perhaps this ranking wouldn’t be seen as so egregious six month from now.

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