Auburn football: What the SEC with Texas and Oklahoma could look like

SEC Media Week has provided a massive nugget of speculative rumors about the future of the conference. Apparently, Texas and Oklahoma want to step up to the big leagues and join the likes of Texas A&M, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn football in the deepest conference in the country.

This would undoubtedly swing the already skewed power balance in college football, but at this point, it would be the best thing for the product. The SEC is one of ESPN’s biggest cash cows and the conference has won seven of the last 11 national titles.

With the rumor wrapping up the entire college football world around its thumb, the portraits of future conference alignments came flying out on the bird app.

Justin Ferguson of The Auburn Observer proposed “pods” instead of an SEC East and SEC West:

Noted Auburn Twitter personality Pablo Escobarner had a slightly different variation:

Popular CFB Twitter account CFB Home added the Sooners and Longhorns to the SEC West and sent Auburn football to the SEC East. The Tigers would presumably be trading in yearly matchups with Texas A&M, LSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and the two Mississippi teams for annual games against Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee.

You know the Iron Bowl would be going nowhere in any scenario. The State of Alabama needs that game and the revenue it brings.

There’s momentum to these rumors, so stay tuned to Fly War Eagle for all of the updates from SEC Media Day.