Auburn football: Ranking the top 6 rumored SEC additions

Auburn football (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Auburn football (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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Being an Auburn football fan has never been more exciting. The SEC has plans to expand and become a truly national brand with talks of nabbing the two most recent southern teams to win a title not already in the conference (Clemson, Florida State), and initiating a true coup d’état in poaching Ohio State and Michigan from the Big Ten.

That means even more revenue for the Plains, which is a top-eight revenue-producing college football haven in the United States. Auburn football has the chance to expand its audience by pulling fans in from the north who will now have more exposure to Saturdays in the south.

While the addition of three recent national champions and a sleeping giant who boasts one of the top basketball programs–on top of Big 12 defects Texas and Oklahoma already being officially on the move–seems daunting, it will ultimately be great for the sport and (especially) the SEC.

With that in mind, we figured FWE would break down who we are most excited about adding to college football’s premier conference:

#6 team we’re most excited about joining Auburn football in the SEC: Michigan

Michigan hasn’t won a national championship since 1997, and is currently losing a lot of believers as the Jim Harbaugh era continues to bear not fruit.

They are most certainly a historically relevant franchise, but matchups against the Tigers don’t seem like they’ll be that frequent given the 800+ mile difference between Ann Arbor and Auburn.

#5 team we’re most excited about joining Auburn football in the SEC: Florida State

Florida State has not had a winning season since 2016, and isn’t expected to turn it around in the immediate future. Their basketball program tends to have close but no cigar showings, and of course, they are the reason Gus Malzahn’s head coaching resume on the Plains doesn’t include a national championship.

Forgive us for not being terribly excited about the Seminoles making the ACC-SEC jump if these wild rumors materialize.