Auburn football fans letting Big Kat Bryant have it amid UCF struggles

Big Kat Bryant might have just spoken a tad too soon when he told anyone who would listen that his new team (UCF) would beat his former team, Auburn football.

As of this writing, the Knights are down multiple scores to Boise State in a first half that has seen a stagnant, screen pass-heavy offense struggle to gain any traction offensively. The Broncos have had few difficulties finding the end zone at the Bounce House Thursday night.

Well, in the world of receipts we live in, your past will always return when you least want it to.

On Thursday, it was Bryant’s turn to pay the piper:

Now, it is still early, and the Knights recovered after a 21-0 start to the Gus Malzahn era in Orlando.

Bryant has even made a few plays, prompting a different subset of fans to give him his due:

Bryant looks like a leader for UCF, but the former Auburn football recruit perhaps opened his mouth a bit prematurely in calling out a Tigers team that could prove more formidable without him this season.