Auburn football fans react to the number of ranked games left on schedule

Auburn football plays in the Southeastern Conference, so fans know that the schedule is going to be difficult every season. Year in and year out, the Tigers face Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and more, and this season the difficulty level has only risen due to an almost-complete coaching staff turnover in the offseason.

Though the Tigers are often overlooked as the “little brother” to in-state rival Alabama, Auburn football has proven to be the least affected by the Tide since 2007 and still has one of the most brutal schedules in all of college football. As much as the schools in other conferences want to complain, their schedules will never be as tough as those in SEC country.

Recently, RedditCFB posted the number of ranked opponents each team has left to face this season, and you already know who was at the top of the list:

Yes, it’s early in the season, and yes, some of those ranked opponents could potentially become unranked before the Tigers face them, but that’s true of every team on the list. Only Auburn football will have to face six ranked teams before the end of the season in #1 Alabama, #2 Georgia, #7 Texas A&M, #10 Penn State, #17 Ole Miss, and #20 Arkansas. It would have been seven had LSU remained in the top 25.

Four of the Tigers’ remaining ten regular-season games will be played against top 10 opponents. If that doesn’t tell you that this is SEC country, I’m not sure what will. Though the rest of the season will be an almost monstrous challenge for Auburn football, fans are used to the SEC grind:

The stakes are high for Bryan Harsin’s debut into the Southeastern Conference, but it’s nothing new to seasoned Auburn football fans. It all starts with the Tigers’ trip to #10 Penn State coming up this weekend.