Auburn football: Tony Fair shouts out Tiger fans, clowns PSU fans

Auburn football DT Tony Fair got two birds stoned at once when he simultaneously sent a message of support to Tiger fans who took the pilgrimage up north to Penn State…and Nittany Lions and their obsession with stadium decibels.

Fair is on the Plains for one season, so he’s having as much fun as he can while sporting the orange and blue.

Who can blame him?

It resulted in a pretty humorous tweet today:

Many Penn State fans are a pleasant bunch. The tailgates were inviting, and many Auburn fans came away happy about their time in Happy Valley.

Some groups of PSU students lacked respect even for long-time Tiger fans, but those aren’t worth anything more than a single sentence.

Instead, let’s talk about Fair’s shoutout to all of the orange that broke the massive sea of white from the Nittany Lion faithful.

State College is not easy to get to from any of the major airports in the area. Some traveled an hour and a half from the Plains to Atlanta and then hopped in a rental car several hours away. Others drove an hour to Birmingham to get to Pittsburgh and similarly hit the road for a bit.

Good on any Tiger fan that did all that to see their team. War Damn to you wonderful and passionate people.

Wherever they traveled to and from to get to Beaver Stadium, those fans saw an Auburn football team that gave a good fight to a team now just outside the cusp of the College Football Playoff in the #5 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions.

Fair recorded an assisted tackle in the 28-20 loss.