Auburn football QBs have cryptic tweets in wake of Austin Davis rumors

Well, things are starting to look bleak in the wake of negative Auburn football offensive coordinator rumors.

Jake ‘Jboy’ Crain said that Austin Davis, who was hired away from the Seattle Seahawks after Mike Bobo was dismissed, may never operate in that role.

That smoke was followed up with two potential fires in the QB room.

Both Auburn football QB transfers this past offseason, Robby Ashford and Zach Calzada, tweeted cryptically in the wake of the rumors:

To translate those, Robby Ashford is hurt by the news, and Zach Calzada has nothing to say. Yikes.

Bryan Harsin’s staff has seen plenty of turnover since a disappointing 0-5 ending to his debut 2021 season on the Plains. Derek Mason’s departure to Oklahoma State was sudden, but Davis never even starting as Auburn football OC would be the biggest surprise of the offseason.

There’s no need to panic just yet. If Eric Kiseau gets the promotion to OC, then it could just indicate that Harsin’s own guys he has worked with for years are being prioritized over high-profile outsiders. Many wouldn’t be excited, but Harsin seemingly has a plan. Enough seniors bought in enough to return at the very least.

Worrying would be appropriate if either QB were to leave. TJ Finley won over very few in his winless stint as starting signal-caller, and Dematrius Davis and Holden Geriner have no experience at the collegiate level.

Ashford and Calzada are likely the best options under center next season. Let’s hope they could buy into what’s remaining on the coaching staff if Davis is indeed a goner.

If not, hope would be fleeting for the fanbase after some early good news this offseason. Losing either (or God forbid both) players would make it hard to look forward to another season of battling the best teams in the country.