Auburn football fans react to Yardbarker’s CFB Rivalry Rankings

Here we go again, said you, probably, after clicking on this article. Everyone knows that the Southeastern Conference is the most elite place to play in college football and that it’s home to the best rivalry in the sport: Alabama and Auburn football.

The Iron Bowl is a game of legends, where often the winner of the SEC West is decided. The craziest play in all of college football happened during the Iron Bowl, and it continues to be a game that calls national attention to the state of Alabama.

However, there are still those out there who believe there are better rivalries. Many of the doubters will claim the Iron Bowl has lost its prestige due to Alabama’s recent dominance in the CFB world, but what about the Tigers and the Tide heading to overtime this past year in a season where Auburn won only six games? What about 2019 when Auburn football knocked the Tide out of contention for the college football playoffs for the first time since its conception in 2014?

While there’s no denying that there are other respectable rivalries in the sport, it’s a ridiculous opinion that any of them are as heated and intense as that of the Iron Bowl, and fans were quick to let Yardbarker know their feelings on Twitter:

No matter how good or bad Alabama or Auburn football have been throughout the season, there’s no denying that the Iron Bowl is always one of the best rivalry games in college football.