Auburn football fans won’t like 247Sports’ latest Tigers QB battle update

Auburn football fans, brace yourselves for some disappointment, dread, and sadness with the latest Tigers QB battle update.

247Sports’ Brad Crawford gave an indication of who the final two might be for AU’s signal-caller conundrum, and the fan-favorite A-Day Offensive MVP, Robby Ashford, is not included in his group.

Instead, it’s incumbent starter T.J. Finley and Texas A&M transfer Zach Calzada that stand the best chance to be named QB1 on September 3rd against Mercer.

The update was provided in an article talking about Dematrius Davis’ message to the Auburn family following his transfer:

Auburn transfer quarterback Dematrius Davis appreciates his time on the Plains, and said he cherishes the moments spent in the SEC as he looks for new footing in the portal. Davis made himself available last month after it was clear the Tigers were between T.J. Finley and Texas A&M transfer Zach Calzada for the team’s starting quarterback duties ahead of the 2022 season.

Auburn football fans want to see Robby Ashford get a chance.

Robby Ashford was elusive in the pocket, made great throws on the run, and showed breakneck speed in the open field during the A-Day spring game. Tiger fans were highly complimentary of his performance, which was not the case with their assessment of T.J. Finley.

Finley didn’t show any substantial progress in the half he played, though he did throw for a TD. It’s not as though the sophomore QB has been bad by any stretch. It’s just that the Tigers’ ceiling has been limited by the so-far winless incumbent starter.

As for Zach Calzada, the Alabama-slayer at Texas A&M, a shoulder injury continues to hold him out of live-time reps. He figures to be heavily in the mix as the most successful SEC performer on the Tigers.

Simply put, Ashford’s apparent exclusion from being in the starting conversation is best described as disheartening. Let’s hope something changes before the fall.