Auburn basketball: UAH Twitter takes shot at The Jungle

The Auburn basketball team is back, fans packed into Neville Arena on a weeknight, and after all the drama surrounding the Auburn football program, having Bruce and the boys back in action makes it feel like nature is finally healing.

Though the game between the Tigers and the UAH Chargers was only an exhibition game, the university pulled out all the stops in the arena, with the full pep band, hype videos, and cheerleaders. The recently hired athletic director, John Cohen, was also present for the matchup.

The Tigers secured a 87-69 victory over the Chargers, ultimately coming out on top due to depth and athleticism that simply overpowered UAH. While freshman Chance Westry did not get a chance to play due to recovering from an injury, Stretch Akingbola made an appearance on the floor for the first time since the 2020 season. Also, rumor has it, Flan is back!

With the game not actually counting towards Auburn basketball or UAH’s records, there was a more calmed-down vibe surrounding the post-game memeing of losing opponents, and according to the UAH Twitter, the Chargers were definitely expecting more from fans online:

Naturally, the online breed of Auburn basketball fans clapped back with intensity, not to be one-upped or roasted by the losing team:

Though Bruce Pearl is still experimenting with lineups for his 2022 squad, the Tigers are looking strong and will take on George Mason this Monday for their first regular-season game.