Auburn football: Twitter abuzz over Ole Miss team meeting

This week could go down as the most significant of the 2022 college football offseason, despite there being two top-of-the-marquee SEC rivalry games set to close out the regular season schedule. As Mississippi State plays Ole Miss, and Alabama takes on Auburn football in the state of Alabama’s most significant sporting event of the year, Lane Kiffin’s next coaching decision looms large over the proceedings.

Yes, the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl will always transcend the circumstances surrounding them as time marches on, but the details of this year’s clashes will likely dictate the next several years in the SEC.

Will Ole Miss remain an upper-SEC West contender that seemingly stalls come November? Or will Auburn football go back to being a powerhouse capable of knocking off the gatekeepers (Alabama, Georgia) of the sport?

That’s to be determined, as even though Kiffin held a team meeting with his players, trusting what he says now with the Egg Bowl just days away and Ole Miss looking to potentially enter the top seven SEC rushing offenses of all time is a fool’s errand.

Ole Miss and Auburn football Twitter had plenty to say about Lane Kiffin’s team meeting

With so much riding on Lane Kiffin’s offseason decision, both the Ole Miss and Auburn football fanbases were abuzz on Twitter about what the November 22 Rebels team meeting could be about.

Here was the reaction from both sets of fans to RebsToday’s tweet about the meeting (WARNING – NSFW LANGUAGE):

What a weak this is shaping up to be…