Auburn football CB coach describes Hugh Freeze behind the scenes

Auburn football cornerbacks coach Wesley McGriff gave reporters an insight into the day-to-day dealings behind the scenes he has with his boss, Tigers head coach Hugh Freeze, on Wednesday, March 15.

According to McGriff, Freeze isn’t pestering his assistants about when and where they’ve scheduled appointments but rather whether they have spoken to anyone at all. “It’s not, ‘Well, you got to set an appointment,’ or it’s not where, ‘Hey, I’m going to take phone calls from 12-4,'” McGriff said. “If Coach goes a couple of hours without talking to a recruit on the phone, he’s coming down that hallway: ‘Hey, anybody got anybody on the phone?’”

McGriff described Freeze’s demeanor towards recruiting as that of an assistant coach. “So, it’s fun, and it’s refreshing to see a head coach that has a demeanor in recruiting like an assistant coach,” McGriff said. “He gets after it.”

Wesley McGriff believes Hugh Freeze’s character will pay dividends for Auburn football recruiting

McGriff was high on Freeze’s personality and character, relaying that he believes the head coach’s attitude towards recruiting and the sport of college football in general will pay dividends for the Auburn football program.

“He’s a tremendous people person, and you’re going to see it pay dividends,” McGriff said before praising Freeze for making the job fun for him and the rest of the coaching staff. “With this staff and the way we’re recruiting, it doesn’t feel like work, because we’re enjoying what we’re doing, and man, when we get a guy on the phone, it’s like having a party. It’s good to be around a head coach that’s very accessible in recruiting, doesn’t have a schedule in terms of when he can talk to players; he’ll talk to them any time.”

McGriff detailed the extent to which Freeze is there for his players. ” If you pay attention at practice, he’s going to talk to them during practice,” he prefaced before saying, “So, it’s 24 hours a day when he’ll talk to a kid.”