3 most glaring Auburn needs coming out of the transfer portal

According to FanSided college football writer Josh Yourish, the Auburn Tigers didn't properly address these three positions in the offseason.
 Auburn Tigers linebacker Jalen McLeod (35)
Auburn Tigers linebacker Jalen McLeod (35) / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Quarterback

I’ve written at length before about my issues with Payton Thorne. He’s not a bad quarterback, but he’s also not the type of player that can change the fortunes of a young, rebuilding program like Auburn is right now. His upside is limited, even with his rushing ability, I mean he only completed five passes against Alabama. 

Robby Ashford was given enough of an opportunity to take the job from him, and Thorne clearly proved to be the best option in 2023, but Ashford’s loss to South Carolina still hurts. Both from a depth perspective and in terms of competition for Thorne. 

Auburn has six quarterbacks on the roster heading into 2024, but the five outside of Thorne has attempted a total of 27 passes between them. There is no experience at the position, so if Thorne goes down, the season could go down the tubes. 

That being said, Auburn should probably embrace a full rebuild and start to develop a young QB. Walker White, the four-star incoming freshman is the future at the position, so let him develop a rapport with Coleman and Thompson so the three can hit the ground running in 2025 and Auburn can compete for one of the 12 playoff spots that season. 

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