Auburn basketball legend retiring from NBA after 2024-25 season

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Turner Upfront 2015 - Show / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Following the 2024-25 season, Inside The NBA will be a thing of the past and Auburn basketball legend Charles Barkley will be calling it a career from commentating on the Association's premier pregame, halftime, and postgame program.

As Barkley said, his loyalty to TNT means he will end his career after the network's deal ends with the NBA.

"There's been a lot of noise around our network the last few months. I just want to say, I talked to all the other networks, but I ain't going nowhere other than TNT," Barkley said (h/t Yahoo Sports). "But I have made the decision myself, no matter what happens, next year is going to be my last year on television.

"I just want to say thank you to my NBA family. You guys have been great to me, my heart is full with joy and gratitude, but I'm going to pass the baton at the end of next year. I hope the NBA stays with TNT ... I'm not going to another network, but I'm going to pass the baton to Jamal Crawford or Vince Carter or you Steve [Smith], but next year, I'm just going to retire after 25 years."

Charles Barkley figures to become quiet post-retirement

You can expect Chuck in two places for sure in 2025 and beyond: roaming around Leeds as he gives back to his hometown and Auburn sporting events in football and basketball. He won't be contributing much to NIL, He's also unlikely to take a job with his alma mater.

Sailing off into the sunset quietly could be in Barkley's future. He'll always have a place in his hometown or his college town, and if we're being honest, everywhere else across the state.

Barkley was a Hall of Fame player and became a Hall of Fame media figure. There's almost no point in his career where he wasn't at the top of his game.

Whatever the game was.