Auburn football analyst: Alabama shouldn't take Kadyn Proctor back after second transfer this offseason

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
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Auburn football analyst Jake "JBOY" Crain -- someone who covers all of college football but whose father, Kurt Crain, played for the Tigers in the 1980s after starting at Memphis -- believes Kadyn Proctor shouldn't be welcomed back to Alabama after leaving the Crimson Tide in January for his home-state Iowa Hawkeyes but reversing course on March 19 to return to Tuscaloosa.

"If I’m Bama Proctor isn’t welcome back," Crain prefaced before saying, "This s*** isn’t a turnstyle."

Crain believes that it was Proctor who decided to reach back out about joining Kalen DeBoer's Crimson Tide program and not vice versa after there were tampering violations that Iowa self-reported.

Auburn football analyst in January: Alabama can't survive losing Kadyn Proctor

When Nick Saban retired and Alabama replaced him with DeBoer, there was an exodus from Tuscaloosa that included Proctor, Caleb Downs, and Julain Sayin; the latter of whom hadn't even taken a snap in college yet.

At the time, Auburn Daily's Brian Smith tabbed the Tide all but dead in the water without all the talent Saban recruited.

"Offensive tackle Kadyn Proctor is in the Transfer Portal," Smith prefaced before saying, "So is elite safety Caleb Downs and talented running back Roydell Williams, the latter now enrolled at Florida State. The list is long for Alabama players leaving the program. Now, ESPN college football insider Pete Thamel is reporting that 5-star quarterback recruit Julian Sayin will enter the Transfer Portal as well.

"As teams like LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, and many others attempt to catch up to the Crimson Tide, it appears that the once-dominant program is coming back to the pack. Alabama simply cannot take this kind of attrition and remain at the top of the SEC and college football."

Now, though, DeBoer is seen as appealing enough to at least bring back Proctor. Don't expect Sayin or Downs to return, though the latter may not even be long for Ohio State with Michigan in hot pursuit of the safety.