Auburn football not in on Bo Jackson, Ohio State or Penn State most likely to land RB

Penn State v Ohio State
Penn State v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

Auburn football is unlikely to land Villa Angela-St. Joseph (Cleveland, Ohio) running back Bo Jackson -- who of course shares a name with one of the greatest players in Tigers history who plays the same position -- but luckily, Alabama isn't in the driver's seat to land him either.

According to Mike Farrell of the Mike Farrell Sports brand, Jackson is likely to commit to either Ohio State or Penn State to remain in Big Ten country; though he did maintain that Georgia and Tennesse are in the mix as well.

"He won’t (commit to Auburn), and this is tongue in cheek, but just imagine if he did," Farrell prefaced before saying, "The Ohio RB will likely stay in Big Ten country at Ohio State or Penn State unless Georgia or Tennessee pull the upset, but I sure wish he was considering Auburn. And no, he’s not related."

Alabama's head coaching staff likely had a few chuckles offering Jackson and thinking about how big of a troll it would be to have a "Bo Jackson" in a Crimson Tide uniform.

In all likelihood, the joke will be on the Tide. Again.

Bo Jackson shunned Alabama before committing to Auburn football

As's Creg Stephenson pointed out, Alabama swung and missed on the OG Bo Jackson, the Bessemer product who'd go on to become a legend in both college football and the pro ranks in the NFL.

"Alabama famously failed to sign the 'original' Bo Jackson (given name: Vincent) out of McAdory High School in the 1982 recruiting class, with Jackson later indicating then-Crimson Tide assistant Ken Donahue told him he might not start until his junior year," Stephenson wrote. "Jackson of course signed with Auburn, and not only started as a freshman, but scored the winning touchdown vs. Alabama in that year’s Iron Bowl and went on to win the Heisman Trophy as a senior in 1985.

Alabama wants its own Bo Jackson so badly. But the Cleveland star rusher doesn't seem likely to become that.