Auburn football legend announces his NFL retirement

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Carolina Panthers and Auburn football legend (and I guess ex-New England Patriot) Cam Newton has officially announced that he is retired from the NFL, and is now pursuing a career as a sports journalist.

“I’m not a football player no more,” he said (h/t Boardroom). “I’m a YouTuber.

“So you’re asking me, ‘Okay Cam, are you still playing football?’ My answer is ‘Hell no.' But I’m busier than I’ve ever been because I could take what football taught me and implement it in every single one of my businesses. The structure, the discipline, the sacrifice, the mental stamina that’s needed. And that’s the conversation. The grind. The joy is in the journey.”

Auburn football legend Cam Newton seemingly had tough time accepting retirement

It took a long time for Newton to accept his retirement from the NFL, which now retroactively started after the 2021 season concluded. For two years, Newton talked about returning to the league but not accepting a backup role, and more recently Superman began to take aim at active players for being game-managers and not game-changers; having some even thinking he was just jealous of them.

The reality is that Newton isn't jealous of any player in the league. They don't have the trajectory-changing run at the collegiate level that he had on the Plains. He's jealous of the man he used to be, able to play through injuries and shine as one of the league's top talents under center.

Newton sounds excited about his second act in football after playing: analyzing the game. It's not what he truly wanted to do, but it's something he feels he must after he never negotiated a return with any of the league's 32 franchises.

In life, you aren't able to control the journey, only the outcome. That Newton has found his niche in the sport is good news for those who never want the ex-Heisman to leave the spotlight.

He was born to be in it, and judging on how his podcasting career has gone so far, he'll be in it for a long time moving forward.