Auburn football legend Cam Newton shares humble admission about his game

Cam Newton admitted he was never as fast as a Lamar Jackson or a Mike Vick
Cam Newton admitted he was never as fast as a Lamar Jackson or a Mike Vick / Robin L Marshall/GettyImages

Auburn football legend Cam Newton admitted that he never had the type of speed Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson or long-time NFL dual-threat Mike Vick during his playing days -- ceding that he would get caught when scrambling unlike Jackson or Vick.

"Lamar's style is different than mine," Newton said on his "4th and 1" podcast (h/t "He's got big plays, any play. He's got speed that I never had. And he's just a legend. And then, I played the game more powerful ... I can run, but I'm going to probably get caught. Vick, Lamar, they ain't getting caught."

Newton owns the record for most rushing touchdowns for a quarterback at 75. With that said, a good bit of those came from goal-line situations. While he was a master in the open field while at Auburn, he had to become more of a complete passer in order to become an MVP in the pros.

Newton did that, and it was from inviting contact and putting the defender down when that contact comes. Jackson does it differently.

Auburn football legend Cam Newton invested in Lamar Jackson's legacy

Newton discusses Jackson's career as someone with a vested interest in it. In many ways, Jackson is experiencing the same poblem Newton did during his NFL career: there's an all-time great QB helping his team win all the Super Bowls.

During Newton's career, it was Tom Brady. For Jackson, it's Patrick Mahomes. Newton has made the connection that Jackson will never be recognized as the face of the league because the Kansas City Chiefs star keeps winning Super Bowls.

As Newton aims to live vicariously through Jackson during his second act as a podcaster, Mahomes continues to pose the greatest threat to the Ravens star ever truly getting the glory he is working towards.