Auburn football legend calls out Jerry Jones for Cowboys' failures

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

During an appearance on his "4th & 1" podcast, Auburn football legend Cam Newton called out Jerry Jones for his Dallas Cowboys franchise's perennial postseason failures after a 48-32 blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers that was not as close as the final score indicated on January 14.

"Doing the same thing over and over and over and over thinking the outcome would be different and different and different and different, that's insanity," Newton said during the January 17 episode (h/t Sportskeeda). "To that point, I will go as far as to say this. Jerry Jones, is it you? Everybody keeps talking about Mike McCarthy. Everybody keeps talking about Dak Prescott.

"Everybody keeps blaming everybody except for the trigger man. Jerry Jones, is it you? Day one, nothing meaningful in the last 28 years. How can we keep calling this America’s Team? In my lifetime, they ain’t did sh*t. How can we keep calling this America’s Team? I love the whole prestige of the Dallas Cowboys, but what the f**k have they done?"

Auburn football legend Cam Newton ripping failing NFL owners proof he's about player empowerment

Newton knows that NFL players, not owners, are the product. And owners that are inserting themselves into headlines at the expense of their players, while their franchises fall apart, are Newton's top targets.

Jones is just the latest NFL owner Newton has ripped to shreds. Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper, who Newton briefly played for, was accused by Newton of giving Panthers fans no hope going into the offseason.

"It wasn’t too many things where the fans have hope goin’ into the offseason," Newton prefaced on the January 10 edition of the "4th & 1" podcast before saying, "And that’s what people aren’t getting, or that’s what upper management is not getting in Carolina. It’s like, bro, these people who are keepin’ you in business, that are keepin’ the lights on—they ain’t got no hope."

NFL owners and game-manager quarterbacks are not safe from Newton, but the former group will always feel his wrath more than the players on the field who actually give fans memories to live with forever. As they should, since the owners whose names we hear about are the ones who aren't even giving their home fans that joy due to mismanagement.