Auburn football reporter sends disgusted message on Deion Sanders X drama: 'This is pathetic'

Colorado Spring Football Game
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Auburn football reporter Justin Hokanson of On3 was disgusted by Deion Sanders belittling Austin Peay's Raheim Ward, a teammate of Xavier Smith, the former Buffs safety who accused the Colorado head coach of belittling 2022 players cut from the program, on X during a May 1 social media firestorm from Coach Prime and his entire family.

"If you are defending Deion for his actions here, or defended him in the past when everyone with eyes and a brain could see the childish antics for what they were, go talk to a wall — this is pathetic," Hokanson wrote.

Deion's youngest son, CU quarterback Shedeur Sanders, called Smith "very mid at best" after his comments in a story from The Athletic's Max Olson. Coach Prime's oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., called a writer "b*tch-made" for referring to the Sanders family as "thin-skinned."

It's been quite a few days for the Sanders family, who've been going at the throats of anyone and everyone in the wake of Olson's exposé.

Many Auburn fans are thankful that this isn't unfolding on the Plains.

Auburn football fans thankful Deion Sanders isn't the Tigers' head coach

In September 2022, it looked like Sanders was a serious potential Bryan Harsin replacement, with FOX Sports' Joel Klatt predicting as much. Little did the former Colorado QB Klatt know that "Prime Time" and everything that comes with it would end up at his alma mater.

After the Sanders shot at Ward, many Tiger fans celebrated that Sanders went elsewhere and prayed on his downfall at CU.

It's been a bumpy road with Hugh Freeze at AU thus far, the man hired instead of Sanders, due to his past skeletons in his closet and the philosophical disagreements a portion of the fanbase has with him, but it was bumpy even with the soft-spoken family man Gus Malzahn in charge.

It will never be as chaotic as Sanders made it on social media on May 1 and beforehand, though. Not even close.