Bo Nix hurting stock tremendously right now after claiming Oregon and Auburn football

Feb 1, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; National quarterback Bo Nix of Oregon (10) runs with the ball between
Feb 1, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; National quarterback Bo Nix of Oregon (10) runs with the ball between / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Nix, fresh off of claiming both Oregon and Auburn football as his proud former homes, is hurting his stock "tremendously" right now during Senior Bowl week practice according to GMENHQ's Braulio Perez.

"While he's had some decent throws, a major disappointment thus far has been the play of Oregon star quarterback Bo Nix," Perez wrote. "Nix is coming off a huge year for the Ducks and he's widely considered a first-round pick. He's been linked with the NY Giants, but the feeling is he's hurting his stock tremendously right now."

Perez believes the NY Giants, a team oft-linked to Nix in the pre-draft process and the one he covers, would be better off targeting Washington's Michael Penix Jr. over the second-generation three-year Tiger and Heisman candidate two-year Duck.

"If Penix is still available when the Giants are up for the first time in the second round (they have two picks), then we could see Schoen take a shot on the talented Huskies gun-slinger," Perez wrote. "With that said, Nix feels like someone the Giants shouldn't focus on, especially not on the opening night of the draft. There are too many red flags with his abilities."

Bo Nix claims both Oregon and Auburn football

Nix told reporters on February 1 that he claims both Oregon and Auburn moving forward, deeming doing so respectful and OK.

“I think it’s respectful and OK to claim both, but obviously when you’re doing announcements and stuff, right now I’m from Oregon because that’s the most recent one...So I’m from Pinson Valley High School and now I’m from Oregon," Nix said (h/t Crain & Company). "But I can always hold Auburn in my heart.”

Auburn will always have his Miracle in Death Valley and the win over Ole Miss in 2021 that moved AU to 6-2, and most notably the 2019 Iron Bowl, to remember Nix by and vice versa. Though Nix admitted he left the Plains because he was miserable, clearly, he's just as willing to say Auburn holds a place in his heart still.