Bo Nix mocked by analyst for playing for Auburn football: 'Auburn, where you can drive trucks and something else'

Ole Miss v Auburn
Ole Miss v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Bo Nix was mocked for beginning his collegiate career with the Auburn football program by FanSided's John Buhler, who belittled the Plains by saying that in Auburn, you can "drive trucks and something else."

"Look, Bo Nix is not for everyone, and I totally understand that," Buhler prefaced before saying, "He may have played for Auburn, where you can drive trucks and do something else, but even I have grown to appreciate him for what he is as an NFL Draft prospect. He's fine, but I don't think you're going to win a Super Bowl with him under center."

Buhler's comment adds nothing to the conversation about what Nix can do as a quarterback prospect and was about as cheap of a shot as they come. Gus Malzahn, Chad Morris, Mike Bobo, and most of all, Bryan Harsin, would be relevant to bring into the conversation as potential drawbacks to Nix's development. But dishing out the laziest, most elitist, and quite frankly biggest nothing burger of a potshot doesn't give context to just about anything.

Auburn football career taught Bo Nix harsh lessons he can use in NFL career

By the time Harsin's first season at Auburn was done, Nix was miserable and wanted out. Luckily, the Pinson native was a grad transfer and was able to become immediately eligible upon taking his talents to Oregon via the portal.

After coming in as a legacy whose father played for Terry Bowden's Tigers, Nix found out that AU wasn't what he bargained for after committing under Malzahn in 2018. And that less on is essential as Nix moves up to the pro ranks.

The first, second, or even third NFL teams Nix plays for might not be the best fit. Now he knows that the grass is sometimes greener on the other side after taking off under Dan Lanning -- more specifically Kenny Dillingham, his first offensive coordinator during his freshman season at Auburn, in 2022, and Will Stein in 2023 -- in Eugene.