Broncos may want to 'take it slow' with ex-Oregon and Auburn football star Bo Nix

Bo Nix may not be thrown into the fire in 2024 with the Broncos
Bo Nix may not be thrown into the fire in 2024 with the Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Ex-Oregon and Auburn football star Bo Nix may see his new employer, the Denver Broncos, take it slow with his development under center during the 2024 season -- this, at least, according to Mile High Huddle's Cory Kinnan.

"The Broncos are stuck in a hard place at the current moment, letting go of Justin Simmons and Jerry Jeudy this offseason," Kinnan prefaced before saying, "The talent on their roster might be lacking, leading to perhaps another rough season. There is a reason they may want to slow-play it with Nix, even if he is 24."

Because of Nix's QB competition, or to Kinnan, lack of competition, the 2023 Heisman candidate can still win the Broncos job, though.

"However, Nix still has a firm chance to win the job, and it's not like he is going up against the stiffest of competition," Kinnan said. "While Nix was not my cup of tea this offseason, giving him a third round grade, all Payton might need him to do early on is make the right throws and do the easy things well."

Auburn football alum Jarrett Stidham ahead of Bo Nix in QB competition

Nix is currently being outcompeted this offseason by Jarrett Stidham according to 9News' Mike Klis, who was on hand at practice.

"Say this for Stidham: He hasn’t moped about becoming crowded with hotshot newcomers," Klis prefaced before saying, "He bowed his neck and competed. To almost all media observers, Stidham was the best of the three quarterbacks, with Nix also mostly promising, during the offseason practice sessions."

There's also been reports that Zach Wilson has the "liveliest" arm of the trio. So, in essence, Nix is ahead of the curve, Stidham is QB1 to some, and Wilson is QB1 to others.

Every possible narrative is out there right now about the Broncos' QB position. And it makes sense. The fanbase is restless after eight straight years of losing and underperformance under center and pundits still can't picture Sean Payton not working out somehow in the Mile High City.

But they also can't picture who will get the nod at QB, with no one looking like an obvious answer for Week 1 of the NFL season.