Bryan Harsin fires back at primary Auburn football media rival three years later

Auburn v Ole Miss
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Three years later, former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin has responded to one of his biggest critics during his Tigers coaching tenure,'s Joseph Goodman, for comments about the Boise native's vaccine policy that Harsin felt were unfounded.

"Stories like these from local 'journalists' erode confidence in the media," Harsin said of Goodman's comments. "Not one point made can be substantiated and everything is completely opinion based. It’s devious & unprofessional."

Goodman's point made on August 25, 2021, accused Harsin's vaccine stance -- being unconcerned with anyone's vaccination for being a personal health matter -- for costing players on his team practice time.

"'The vaccination situation' ... let's be clear, Bryan Harsin's culture of confusion on vaccines is costing the team valuable practice time during fall camp," Goodman tweeted. "On top of that, the coach's refusal to promote vaccination has divided the fanbase and endangered public health."

In hindsight, many Auburn fans would probably agree with Harsin's stance. Certainly, many did at the time. Of all the things Harsin has chimed in on since being paid his $15.3 million buyout, this may be the one thing that could garner any support from the fanbase.

Bryan Harsin got off on wrong foot with Auburn football

A good portion of the local media immediately went after Harsin on this issue, which preceded an offseason of issues relating to the infamous inquiry that may as well killed any momentum his hiring had; which was minimal by the end of the 2021 season given the Tigers' five straight losses to end it.

Harsin never had a chance in that regard. Fans defended him for as long as they could before seeing his offseason recruiting results set the program back. Many were clamoring to have Gus Malzahn back after having shown him the door a year prior.

Years later, perhaps this is Harsin getting his closure.