'If Bryan Harsin and Gus Malzahn had a love child': SEC, Auburn football fans react to Kalen DeBoer revelation

Florida v Alabama
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Auburn football fans, along with other SEC fandoms, were true social media comedians in the aftermath of first-year Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer's admission that he doesn't use any curse words.

“To me, there’s a fire don’t get me wrong,” DeBoer said on the February 28 edition of The Next Round (h/t On3). “There’s a fire and there’s a competitiveness that the guys see. I think they see that already in the workouts and they feel that in how we meet in team meetings and the standard that exists, it’s still the same standard, it’s just messaged a different way I think.”

Such an admission lent itself to plenty of jokes on X, as one would expect.

Kalen DeBoer compared to former Auburn football coaches Bryan Harsin and Gus Malzahn

DeBoer has been drawing "Husky Harsin" comparisons to unpopular ex-AU head coach Bryan Harsin, but his admission that he doesn't cuss while coaching now has him being compared to Gus Malzahn.

"If Bryan Harsin and Gus had a love child," said one poster in response to DeBuer's non-cussing habit.

"Oh, God," another prefaced before saying, "We hired Dabo after all."

"Has a team ever won a natty with a coach that didn’t swear? Think we need some more research," one poster questioned. "Dabo?"

"Coach is a big fan of 'these testicles' jokes," another Barner wrote in reference to Nick Saban's love of "Deez N**z" jokes.

In all seriousness, DeBoer not cursing is laudable in many ways. The new Tide coach wants to set an example for his players, and while corny to most in the year 2024, it is not something actually worthy of ridicule.

But boy, if that didn't make for some solid gold content on social media in the aftermath of the ironically bombshell revelation.