Cadillac Williams addresses Auburn football departure, Hugh Freeze not reaching out after leaving

Massachusetts v Auburn
Massachusetts v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Cadillac Williams told's Roy S. Johnson that he needed to step away from the Auburn football program for his own personal growth in leaving his alma mater this offseason -- but shockingly added that he hasn't heard from Hugh Freeze since joining the Las Vegas Raiders in February.

“No, I haven’t," Williams said when asked by Johnson if Freeze had reached out to him before explaining his thought process behind his Plains departure.

“To be honest with you, I just wanted to explore different opportunities and realign myself where God would place me for what he wanted for my life,” Williams said. “I always told my wife: As much as I love Auburn, I felt like in order for me to grow, to challenge myself, I would have to leave and step out on faith to see what’s out there where I could continue to grow as a person and work on me—work on who I am.

“I love Auburn without a shadow of doubt, but it was one of those situations in life when I felt there was more out there for me.”

Hugh Freeze has perfect fit for him with new Auburn football offensive coordinator Derrick Nix

Wiliams was highly complimentary of his running backs coach replacement, Derrick Nix, who has experience coaching alongside Freeze at Ole Miss and Liberty. He also added that he was rooting for the "whole program."

“[Offensive coordinator and] running backs coach Derrick Nix is a guy I’m very familiar with, went to (Etowah) high school with," Williams said. “He made such an impact on my life [when I was] a ninth grader and he was a senior. I watched the guy get recruited, watched him work hard, he’s an outstanding person. I am rooting for the whole program.”

Williams would never root for another team, regardless of what led to him deciding that Auburn was no longer a place he can grow.