Disgraced ex-Auburn football HC may have taken FCS OC job to coach his son

A certain disgraced former Auburn football head coach may have taken an FCS offensive coordinator job to coach his son.

Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State
Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State / Loren Orr/GettyImages

Disgraced former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin may be making his long-awaited return to the gridiron as a coach: this time, as an offensive coordinator at Idaho State, where son Davis is committed as a quarterback, speculates Auburn Daily's Lance Dawe based on the Boise native's social media activity.

It's unclear what the messaging here is supposed to be, but Bryan Harsin has decided to link his social media to Idaho State football," Dawe prefaced before saying, "Harsin, formerly the head coach at Boise State and Auburn, has updated his Twitter/X profile to link to Idaho State's football page on their website. He now has their football Twitter/X account tagged in his bio and a new profile picture of him wearing Idaho State gear.

"Does Harsin's attachment to ISU on social media mean he's accepted a coaching position with Idaho State? It certainly wouldn't be the head coaching position. Perhaps a role as their offensive coordinator? Hawkins also performs those duties as well."

Bryan Harsin not hired as a head coach after disastrous Auburn football tenure

If it's true that Harsin is going to Idaho State to coach his son in a non-head coaching position, then the 47-year-old would've gone from an SEC head coach in the most football-crazed state in the nation to a coordinator in the Big Sky.

It would also mean that no school will have trusted Harsin with their program following a Plains tenure marked by scandal and defined by a lack of actually doing a major function of a college football head coaching job: recruiting.

Harsin building his reputation back up to take another coaching job elsewhere may not even be the play here. It could just be that he wants to help maximize his son's talents and get him to Boise State. Maybe a reuinion there would be welcomed for Harsin, but in reality, he could coach his kid and sit on his $15.3 million in buyout money from Auburn while riding into the sunset afterwards.