Ex-Heisman winner on how Bo Jackson clowned him before title game vs Auburn football

BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn
BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn / Harry How/GettyImages

Bo Jackson tried to do the Auburn football program a favor in 2013, attempting to get inside the head of Jameis Winston ahead of AU's National Championship game against the Heisman winner's Florida State Seminoles.

It didn't work, with Winston famously outdueling the Tigers 34-31 and claiming the final BCS National Championship before the College Football Playoff took over in 2014-15. Still, Winston doesn't forget it; going into detail about the (in his eyes) disrespectful conversation Jackson had with him to throw him off his game.

“The first time I talked to Bo Jackson was after I won the Heisman, and you’re from Bessemer, Alabama,” Winston said during an appearance on "Pardon My Take" (h/t AL.com). “Now I know he lived in Chicago and all that, but he was calling me, he was like, ‘Hey, what’s up, Jabo?’ I was like, ‘That ain’t my name,’ I told him. ‘What’s up, Jameson?’ ‘That’s not my name, but I’m grateful to be talking to you.’

“This man, he called me – I don’t know what booster from Auburn was in his pocket or in his ear, but he would call me at all times of the night, like, wanting to talk, saying, ‘Hey, this Uncle Bo. Just calling to check in on you.’ I’m like, ‘Uncle Bo!’ I ain’t talked to you in my whole life, and I’m from your neighborhood. You calling me right before the national-championship game? Listen, when is the next time I talked to Bo Jackson? After the national championship? No. Next time I heard from him was at a Panini signing. ‘Hey, what’s up, Uncle Bo?’ When I look back at it, I was like, well, you got to give credit to Uncle Bo because he was doing everything he could for Auburn. He knew I loved him, and he’s going to call me at all times of the night, inspiring me to whup his team even more? That was something funny, man.”

Bo Jackson moves quietly in his support of Auburn football

Obviously, there's no doubt that Jackson loves Auburn based on his troll job of Winston. That didn't need to prove it. Between his Bo Bikes Bama campaign and his countless donations to both AU and other Auburn-area businesses and causes, Jackson exemplifies why it's great to be an Auburn Tiger.

But this Winston stunt, it's clear that while Jackson is oftentimes quieter than his peers about all things Auburn football, the love and support is there.

Sometimes it's just kept in complete secrecy for over a decade.