What does Kalen DeBoer's 'Husky Harsin' nickname mean?

Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Washington Huskies live mascot Dubs II before the start of the 2024
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Washington Huskies live mascot Dubs II before the start of the 2024 / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

You may have been scrolling Twitter/X and seen new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer referred to as "Husky Harsin" -- an obvious reference to DeBoer's last school (Washington) mascot and infamous Auburn coaching dud Bryan Harsin.

In a nutshell, DeBoer's lack of experience in the south is seen as the dooming trait Harsin had when the Boise native came to lead (or fail to in his case) an SEC school in the Yellowhammer State.

How Kalen DeBoer can avoid being 'Husky Harsin' at Alabama

The similarity between the two is one Auburn fans will focus on more than the Mullet A's -- even if "Husky Harsin" is objectively a great nickname without any context -- but there's many ways DeBoer can avoid the same fate Harsin did in this state.

The first: DeBoer must keep Freddie Roach and Travaris Robinson in-house to continue the Crimson Tide's dominance in the defensive trenches and secondary. It's possible a promotion for one, or both, is in the cards. Losing both would be devastating.

How Hugh Freeze and Auburn can take over the state of Alabama

Now, the most relevant question is how Auburn fits into all of this. In short, they could be play the role of spoiler if Hugh Freeze can find the right personnel to take the recruiting load off of him given his new offensive play-calling duties.

Charles Kelly, the new co-defensive coordinator, is a great start. A certified closer who brought top talent to Nick Saban's Alabama teams and Coach Prime's first Colorado squad, Kelly is a proven entity and an AU grad; something to satisfy the fanbase after the departures of Cadillac Williams and Zac Etheridge from the coaching staff.

Who Freeze finds on the offensive side is the defining decision for his coaching tenure. He needs a good prospector who can set him up to close out on top recruits as Kelly's worthy counterpart. If Freeze can properly balance his responsibilities, the Tigers will have a chance to take over the state of Alabama from the Tide for a long time.