Second-year Auburn football transfer takes shot at 2023 roster

A second-year Auburn football transfer took a shot at the roster from the 2023 season.
Auburn v Vanderbilt
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Second-year Auburn football transfer Rivaldo Fairweather took a shot at the Tigers roster from the 2023 season, claiming that the standard will be raised in 2024 in order to get rid of the "loose leashes" on the team.

“Next season we will come back 10 times harder and Coach (Hugh) Freeze said, ‘We're going to set a standard here’ and it's a lot of loose leashes around here on this team that we need to get rid of and just find a group of people that's going to really come together as a team and lock in and put their life on the line to win a game here,” said Fairweather (h/t Rivals).

Fairweather revealed his lofty goal for the 2024 season amidst his callout: becoming the best tight end in the nation.

“Coming next season I'm coming back 10 times harder to be the best tight end in the nation and that's my mindset going in this offseason," Fairweather prefaced before saying, "I'm going to have a heck of an offseason. I'm going to put my head down and work the whole offseason and get ready for the first game coming next year.”

Rivaldo Fairweather predicts Auburn football to be better in 2024

In lockstep with just about anyone who is aware of AU's incoming 2024 class, Fairweather declared that the Tigers would be improved.

“I just felt like I left a lot of food on the table. It’s unfinished business here,” Fairweather said when asked about his decision to return to Auburn in 2024 (h/t “I know Coach Freeze has a great plan for us here and that we will be way better than we were last year. Last year was just the first step and this year I feel like we’re going to take a second step.”

With a quarterback better equipped to find him in the open field than Payton Thorne -- Hank Brown seemingly qualifies but Walker White might also fit that bill come A-Day and fall camp -- and weapons like Cam Coleman and Perry Thompson likely to make the game easier for everyone else on offense, Fairweather's expectations, across the board, are quite realistic.